Beagle Round Pet Bed

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• HANDCRAFTED ROUND PET BED made to order by Group One Dog Gallery • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT each bed has a super fluffy and soft padded fleece bottom. Sturdy sidewalls for head lounging. Self-Warming and Orthopedic for your dog. • MACHINE WASHABLE easy to flip inside out for the wash to get off hair and dirt. Hang dry or low setting in the dryer. • MADE TO WORK WITH NATURAL INSTINCTS of cats and dogs to curl into a ball to sleep. • FABRIC WILL RELAX after use and washing. • SMALL BED – about 16” in diameter. Will fit tiny dogs under 10lbs. Chihuahua, Yorkie, Toy Poodle. • MEDIUM BED – about 20” in diameter. Will fit dogs that are under 20lbs. Pugs, Boston terrier, jack Russel, rat terrier, mini poodle. • LARGE BED- about 30” in diameter. Will fit dogs that are about 50lbs and under. Large Collies, Labradors, spaniels. • We will take custom order requests for larger sizes.