Beagle Round Pet Bed

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• HANDCRAFTED ROUND PET BED made to order by Group One Dog Gallery • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT each bed has a super fluffy and soft padded fleece bottom. Sturdy sidewalls for head lounging. Self-Warming and Orthopedic for your dog. • MACHINE WASHABLE easy to flip inside out for the wash to get off hair and dirt. Hang dry or low setting in the dryer. • MADE TO WORK WITH NATURAL INSTINCTS of cats and dogs to curl into a ball to sleep. • FABRIC WILL RELAX after use and washing. • SMALL BED – about 16” in diameter. Will fit tiny dogs under 10lbs. Chihuahua, Yorkie, Toy Poodle. • MEDIUM BED – about 20” in diameter. Will fit dogs that are under 20lbs. Pugs, Boston terrier, jack Russel, rat terrier, mini poodle. • LARGE BED- about 30” in diameter. Will fit dogs that are about 50lbs and under. Large Collies, Labradors, spaniels. • We will take custom order requests for larger sizes.



We have designed this with an amazingly soft padded Fleece bottom for orthopedic care your pet’s lounging in mind. Strong sturdy sidewalls for head lounging when dreaming about the day’s events. Machine washable to get all the pet hair off, you can flip inside out and use on low heat in the dryer. We use quality Cottons and fleeces, and offer a large range of Novelty Fabrics. Please remember that with use and washing the fabric will relax and the bed will stretch a few inches.


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